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Catering Menu

Catering Menu

Plan Your Catering Service.

Corporate Event And Baptism

Wedding, office party, St Valentin, organize the baptism of your last born, Mother’s Day
or a corporate event. Plan your future event with us!

Here is a small guide to help to prepare your event:

Define The Type Of

Buffet Catering And A Budget/person

Define the catering service required:

  • Cocktail dinner
  • Private reception
  • Home Buffet

The budget per person for this event, will allows us to determine the plates, appetizers and recipes which will suit best for your party.

Naturally the number of people that you wish to invite (distinguish the adults, the children) will allow us to define the number of appetizers per person as well as the quantity of the various canapes served during the evening.

As an example: a cocktail party accounts 6 to 8 appetizers while a cocktail dinner we would need 18.

Target Your Request

To answer your request, draw up the list of the guests and identify the people suffering from allergies, from intolerances or if they have a special diet.

  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Lactose free
  • Specific intolerances

Progress Of The Event

Decide about the course of the party. Indeed several formulae are available in catering.

Champagne service with appetizers! Do you prefer table service or a cocktail reception? Everything is possible!

  • Cocktail dinner: A friendly event, the guests remain standing and our waiters distribute platers of fine and sophisticated on appetizers.
  • Private Reception: More formal reunion, the dinner guests share a menu prepared by our Chef at a sit down meal.
  • Home Buffet: Your guests savor the delicious dishes of the Chef whom he placed on a beautiful buffet setting.

Les Bouchées

Olives ascolana
Brochettes tomates/bocconccini
Bruschetta de prosciutto et fromage de chèvre
Bruschetta tartare de saumon et guacamole
Croutons de tapenade d’olives noires
Focaccia farcies
Pizza marinara

18$ la douzaine (minimum 3 douzaines)